Hey All,
Just a quick update on how things are going. I am in the process of gathering all my needed equipment. I just purchased a few sets of Scrubs to wear in the hospital and it is rather amusing. I feel like a little bit of a poser wearing them, but they are fun :)

I also purchased a webcam last night so for those of you who have Skype ability I would LOVE to set up a Skype sesh with you while I am down there!!

I don't remember if I mentioned this anywhere yet but I found out that for the second month of my trip I will be in a tiny little city called Olanchito, Honduras up near the north-east coast of Honduras.

Lastly, I have been incredible blessed by all the support that has poured in. However I still have $1234 left to raise. I would be super grateful if you would consider donating to my trip. If all of you give just $10 then I would be there :)

Again you can send checks to
Jen Van Donk
1630 Fairview st Apt B
San Luis Obipo, CA 93401

Or on my website www.jenvandonk.weebly.com you can also click on the paypal link and donate right online.

Also, a few prayer requests: I have just been praying fervently that God would maintain a right heart in me and that this won't just be a humanitarian trip to do good things but that it will really be a time to serve the people out of GOD'S love and that I will have many opportunities to share the gospel. Furthermore I know that it will be a challenging summer so I have just been praying for endurance and a cheerful heart throughout even the heat and humidity and illness.

Thank you for blessing me! Can't wait to share more of my adventure with you all!



Hey All,
This Saturday May 8 is my benefit concert. It will be at Sally Loo's from 7-10pm  with bands

Painted Soul
Mo Hensler
Lindsey Ringer
Meredith Hobbs

I am excited to have some fun and am praying that it is a successful experience

Update on funds I have currently raised nearly $2000 so I am almost halfway there! I have just 6 weeks left so I am eager to see how the rest of these funds are provided. Thanks for your continued support!