So I was not really sure what to expect in working at this hospital, but whatever my expectations were they were probably wrong. I know that they mentioned many times that we are going to have to build relationships, and that the locals are going to be skeptical at first, but it is even more true than I imagined. Also I have been suffering a very mild case of traveler´s illness and, especially in the mornings when I feel the most ill, the thought of a whole day of heat and attempting to figure out what we are doing and how we can be helpful does not really seem all that appealing. But I am still eager to push through. And Amber has been great at maintaining a positive attitude and she is very driven. 

Right now we are eager to get into the hospital and start meeting more of the staff and start an inventory of all the equipement they have. Our Jefe (boss) doesn´t seem to trust us too much yet to be able to actually repair any equipment, so I know we will have to forge our own way a bit more. Today we couldn´t work at all because they were fumigating the hospital. Yesterday too we helped repair a couple sphygmomanometers and spent the rest of the day just sitting around. It is disparaging now to think that that might be each day, however reading some blogs from past participants indicates that they each felt similarly in their first few days, but after some time of meeting people and making friends they were able to have some sort of impact. I am seriously praying the same. 

Anyway your prayers are appreciated. Missing you all and the States right now, but hoping for much more here too!

8/14/2012 04:52:08 pm

Interesting topic, come on!

8/30/2012 12:49:11 pm

It's clever of you to use a topic sentence at the beginning of a Para.

8/30/2012 12:49:50 pm

It's wonderful to use proper conjunctions between sentences.

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