So today was my third day of classes and this is certainly NOT vacation. They have us working really hard! I am in the 4th level (of 4) for spanish classes. It is a little more advanced than I am probably ready for, but I wanted a little more of a challenge. It is pretty cool because we spend most of our time just talking and practicing, but it is hard to conjugate everything correctly. Not to mention finding the right words to use. But after four hours of spanish class every morning I find myself thinking of spanish sentences for about 30 minutes afterward. And I always want to throw spanish words into my english sentences as well! I suppose these are all great things,but my brain is always tired at the end of the day.

Not to mention the engineering side! They have us learning about autoclaves, fluid pumps, soldering, circuits, blood pressure devices.. and that is only the first three days! But it is SO interesting! I feel like I have a much better grasp of some of these machines than some of the other BMED students because I have a mechanical engineering background that gives me more exposure to things like motors, pumps, etc. Nothing is really entirely new, though it is new applications of things that I have seen before. I think I am appreciating my Cal Poly education more and more every day because I really feel like I know a lot! And my partner for next month, Amber, is really good at a lot of the circuit stuff so I think we are going to me a really useful team. I am excited to be working in the hospitals next month.

This friday we are going to do our first hospital day and just go in and see what they do. It should be pretty interesting. But not as exciting as ziplining this weekend! I think just about the entire team is trying to go ziplining in Monteverde this weekend. I like our team because we have not segregated much. We all hang out with everyone, and it doesn't seem like there are many cliques. 

It is still raining.. a lot... and we experience our first power outage yesterday when a huge lightening bolt struck the school. We weren't able to complete our lab because we needed power for our soldering irons but we didn't have it. I am also pretty excited about all the practical skills I am learning! I learned how to make an extension chord yesterday and I think we are going to learn how to make a flashlight or something too. I feel like I will be so handy at the end of this summer!

Now I need to go write a story about a comic strip that we were given.. hopefully that goes well. Tonight I think we are going to a jazz cafe for one of our teammates birthdays. Should be pretty fun!

Neway. Prayer requests right now would be that I continue to build relationships with my roommates, host family, and the other students and that my brain does not start to hurt too bad ;)

Blessings to you all!
6/23/2010 14:01:24

extension cord, eh? out of what?
BTW, one of the most important "tools" in my bag is a piece of wire with a crocodile clip on both sides. Great for diagnosing circuits, especially bypassing safety loops, to see if that's where the problem lies. Sounds like you're having fun. Do you want me to comment in Dutch next time?

6/23/2010 15:05:00

dude, jen, your life is so awesome. try writing at least one blog entry in Spanish sometime. i want to see if I can understand it!

i love you and i'm so proud of you!

10/25/2010 07:24:15

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