Volcan Irazu


So one of the difficult things about traveling around this country is we really have to rely on what others say will be cool. It is challenging, though, because we can very easily end up in places that are less than what we were expecting. Today, for example, a group of us went to Volcan Irazu. We were eagerly expecting some nice hiking trails, lots of cool nature, and a time to be outdoors for a few hours. What we discovered was a bus ride up to the edge of the crater, three, sort of impressive craters that were surrounded by wooden fences and guards ensuring that we did not pass, and a very “American tourist” catered event. All in all it could have been a complete bummer had the group not been made up of very optimistic people. Sure we were all disappointed, but we were able to still have some fun and just take some pictures and make it much more exciting than I would have imagined. I am often quite excited to see how up for adventure the people on this trip are (which makes sense given the type of trip that it is), but it truly is an extraordinary group of people. Sitting at the very top looking down over the mountains was super sweet. The clouds were absolutely incredible and were just moving in an out and looked like waves on the sides of the craters. Apparently on a clear day you can see the Pacific and Caribbean oceans (today was most certainly not a clear day) however the clouds were almost equally as cool. And to sit on the top and appreciate it with others who also seriously just enjoyed looking at the clouds was great. So although the volcano initially appeared like it was going to be really lame, it turned out to be a pretty sweet time of just relaxing and hanging out.

Then we went into Cartago and we were going to look at the National Church and some old ruins. However there was a funeral, wedding, and red cross training, confessions, and prayers all happening at the church (yes all in the same room, though the wedding occurred after the funeral was done). It was one of the most bizarre experiences because there was a wedding occurring in the middle of a large group of random people just hanging out, taking pictures, doing training, etc. I don’t really understand how that church works, but it was interesting. It felt pretty strange being in there crashing the wedding party, though, so we left. And then we also found out that the old ruins we thought were ancient Mayan ruins or something to that effect were in  reality just the remains from an earthquake of 1926, and we also could not find them, and it started raining… so we returned home. However, once again, I really felt like the overall sentiment was not bitterness or anger, simply a little disappointment and quick transition of direction. Anyway, despite its few disappointments it was still a pleasant day, and such a clear reminder of how much your disposition toward an event can really affect the outcome.

and don't worry, pictures will come one of these days..



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