Hey so I made it to Olanchito. So far so good. Things are really hot, and my stomach is revolting against me a bit, but nothing too serious. I am living in luxury here with Maritza Quezada. We had our first day at the hospital today. We were shown around the hospital, managed to repair one sphygmomanometer, and spent the rest of the day sitting around and attempting to talk to all the other staff. It is extremely difficult to understand the Spanish here so far, they have a very different accent than costa rica, but we are managing. I feel kind of stupid at time, but hopefully we pick it up quickly. Fortunately there are several people who are willing to be patient and sit and talk to us. I think Amber and I are going to have to be pretty proactive in getting work to do as they don't seem extremely eager to give us work, but I think that we will just have to build some more relationships and hopefully get to do some good work. I think it will be a challenging month for sure, but I am praying for lots of strength and well being. Please keep praying that my stomach holds up, that my patience holds up, and that we are able to be productive here in the hospital.

8/14/2012 04:51:47 pm

thank u so much.

8/30/2012 12:52:51 pm

You are good at developing a Para.

8/30/2012 12:53:14 pm

You have made great progress in developing a passage.

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