Well I made it here. The flights were uneventful so I will spare you the details with those. I made it to the ALE Spanish language center where we unloaded all our equipment and met our host parents. Ours is a wonderful lady.. whose name i sadly did forget right now and I feel awful about, and we headed back to her house. There are four girls from the program who are all staying with me, and so far so good. The shower doesn't have heated water so when I stepped in at 8pm last night that was a cold awakening, however the family is extremely clean and hospitable. We had a good meal of.. you guessed it rice and beans.. but we had empanadas, and cabbage salad as well.

Today we headed to school at 8am (looks like no sleeping in for me this summer as I still had to get up at 6am) and headed back to the school where we had our first hours of training and orientation. We learned all about blood pressure monitors today and then labeled all our tools in Spanish. It is going to be just like school at home with daily quizzes and homework, but the difference is that it will all be so useful in the second month. So I am really excited to learn!

There is a small stand that serves a pretty solid meal for lunch right around the corner and I had.. rice and beans ;) haha the stereotype really is true. But also fried chicken and pasta salad, cabbage salad, and fried plantains. Sorry that I keep writing so much about food but I really like food..

I suppose I should explain the title of this blog as well. Costa Rica is a RAIN forest. Today it has pretty much POURED for the better second half. And by pour I mean floods of water running down the street. As we left school for the bus the water really started to come down and my roommates and I missed the bus twice.. haha oops. but we were able to find our stop on the first try, which is pretty impressive since none of us really had any idea where we

As I was thinking about what to blog about yesterday I was thinking about all my initial impressions of Costa Rica. Then today we talked a lot about stereotypes and I realized that I had already formed so many... oops.

And spiritually I am excited to find out that there are several other christians on the team and I would love to gather them together and just pray now and then. I think that would be such a great experience for us to all gather with one purpose. This trip is so different from all the others I have been on because they were all centered on sharing about Christ. It is a different sort of challenge, but I am constantly praying that God gives me a peaceful heart and an ability to grow.

I always see many sides of myself that I am ashamed of when I am stressful situations, and this is already true, so your prayers that I would be a humble servant and eager to place others before me would be spectacular!

well in that mindset I don't want to hog the internet so my roommates get a chance as well. I am going rafting tomorrow so I will certainly have plenty of adventures to tell after that!
Theo S.
6/28/2010 07:51:52 am

You mention being spiritually excited in that there are other Christians on the team. Are you implying that your spirituality is somehow only bound up in with christian people? I am of the perspective that contact with people not of my own kind afford the greater level of spiritual awakening and understanding of me and the universe. - T -

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