Well I can now die a happy person. Yesterday I went rafting in the rainforest!!! It was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. We went down the Pacuare river and ended up in the Carribean. My guide was named Dias and he was the perfect rafting guide. He made sure to get us into all the right rapids and on the slower level one rapids he went all out. During one we had three rower sit backwards and we all paddled forward so we went down spinning. One we all had to close our eyes through the rapid and during one I sat on the front of the raft with my feet out of the boat and tried to stay on. Dias was so funny with his crazy antics. The picture above is our team. Dias came to me and jumped in my arms and told me he wanted me to hold him for the picture. And he said he felt very safe in my arms.. oh Dias. I can definitely see how the guides work their charm on the ladies to get tips.

It was just so incredible to be out in such beauty and see and hear so many creatures and so many different kinds of vegetation. I am so amazed that there can be so many different kinds of creatures.

When we came home we just hung out and chatted. I really feel like I have been here for weeks and there are a few people I feel like I have been able to chat a lot with, but then I realize that there are several people I have not spoken with at all and then I realize again that I have only been here fore less than three days!

Today we went and explored San Jose a bit more. It is difficult with so many people, as about 20 of us got together to go exploring. We all have different ideas about what we want to do and where we want to go and with so many people it is hard to make decisions. But we finally left and started our trek downtown. About as soon as we got there I decided to show off my street dancing skills in the public square. Unfortunately the ground won in the dance off and I scraped up my foot…. Ok so I wasn’t actually street dancing I just fell down a step and scraped my foot. But I did catch myself sort-of and apparently it resembled a sweet break dancing move… or my friends were just being nice :p

So we had to wander around to find band-aids because none of us were prepared for injury and I was bleeding all over my shoe… bummer. Turns out my knowledge of Spanish words for medicine and band-aids are fairly limited because I had no idea what to say at the store, but I am sure that will change by the end of this trip.

However, my Spanish is already getting so much better and I had two conversations with store clerks fully in Spanish and I did not even have to ask them to repeat themselves. I do think it is fairly based on how they speak and what the topic is though! I even managed to haggle down the price of a sweet purse in Spanish. So exciting haha!

Turns out I have a really good sense of direction and was able to find my way around fairly well simply based on what I have seen while in the bus going in and out of the city. That is certainly a handy skill to have! I also lost my roommates today since we ended up in different groups.  As of right now they actually still have not returned, so I hope they are not still wandering around looking for me!

  I think the most exciting news, though, is that I have built friendships with Grace and JJ, both of whom are Christians and I am hoping to start up a prayer time once a week at lunch. I think it will be so sweet to pray and build each other up. I spoke to JJ about it today and he is totally down, and I am sure Grace will be as well. God is so faithful to provide Christians in my life and that support that I really need. Praise God! I am hoping that we can invite others to join as well and just share our faith more in that way.

Ok, this is already exceedingly long, so I will end it for now. Thanks for your prayers!

Doreen Van Leeuwen
6/21/2010 03:31:36 pm

What an awesome opportunity - to raft the rivers, and have so much joy, as well as meeting other Christians to share serve and pray with. Thanks for sharing some of these great details, it's fun to get a glimpse into your daily experiences!

6/23/2010 03:01:40 pm

you and your foot injuries. you always have to go injure yourself right when things start to get interesting. I think it's a ploy to get more international hot men to touch your legs. :)

6/27/2010 02:29:31 pm

HAHAHA I was going to leave a comment about the foot injury too :D hahah that is so funny :) but seriously Jen stop hurting your poor feetsies. Man I wish I could have come rafting! I'm glad it was awesome! I LOVE you!

11/25/2010 09:41:30 am

It lacked the intensely blue atmosphere of the rival vale , and its heavy soils and scents.But your writing was clear, bracing, ethereal.

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